Best Persuasive Essay Topics

20 Best Persuasive Essay Topics – By Discipline

First Step: Choose an Argument

An academic student will be required to write persuasive essays every once in a while, in their learning career. For those not familiar, a compelling essay involves making an argument, but you has to choose a side and support your argument with concrete evidence as well as persuasive language. So what are some examples of best persuasive essay topics? SolidEssays provides a look on the best persuasive essay topics from 2020. Professors have grown to like content within these topics.

Second Step : Research Arguments for and Against

This is because the writer has to convince the reader that their argument is the right one. Consequently, this means settling on a good essay topic, and it is advisable to select a topic one is passionate about. This makes research and essay writing exciting. Having this sets a good precedence for the best persuasive essay topics.

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However, if choosing a persuasive topic is difficult for you, you can opt for our services at Solidessays by selecting asking for examples of best persuasive essay topics, and our professional writers will be at your service. Our writers are well versed in choosing the most appropriate influential essay topics guaranteed to get you the best grades in your assignments.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword!best persuasive essay topics

For our list, categories of Persuasive Essay Topics will include:

  • Essay Topics on Controversial Issues
  • Essay Topics on Education
  • Essay Topics on Politics
  • Essay Topics on Crime and Legal Affairs
  • Essay Topics on Health

Controversial Essay Topics

Your lecture will likely have selected a topic for you on what your essay writing should entail. However, in some cases, you might have the freedom to choose. You can consider some of the best persuasive essay topics on the internet. Whatever issue you are comfortable with, so you are free to explore your arguments. Nevertheless, there are various topics to argue about and for, which may be overwhelming.

Mostly, this happens if you are coming up with the topic on your own. However, you do not have to worry about that as we can save you the hassle with our list of impressive essay topics. Also, our able writers at Solidessays will be at your service.

On the other hand, if you get stuck on ideas while brainstorming, you can have a look at a few of our best persuasive essay topics. Our lists might give you ideas on what to write about, but remember to adapt them to your writing guidelines. With many areas to be discussed, the first area touches on education. There are often varying opinions regarding the handling of education both in the country and globally. Usually, the focus is always on the tactics to be used by academic administrators or tutors in handling education matters.

Essay Topics on Education

Consequently, let us have a look at a few topics touching on education that could be adapted to your lecturer’s guidelines. Notably, the topics touch on the pricing of education, which is often a contentious issue, as well as modern teaching methods and diet offered in schools. If any of the topics interests you and you feel that you need help on selecting among the best persuasive essay topics, and we promise to deliver and “A+” grade paper free from plagiarism and adhering to your lecturer’s guidelines.

  1. Does college education need to be free?
  2. Is online learning an effective teaching method?
  3. Should school cafeterias offer sodas to students?
  4. Should exams be standardized?
  5. Should foreign languages be mandatory for all students?

Persuasive Political Essay Topics

I know you have probably come across writing guidelines warning you to avoid topics on religions and politics since they are often impolite. However, the good thing is that the rule does not apply when writing a convincing essay. People usually avoid politics and religions since they are hotbed subjects, with most people having radical ideas on the operation of the country and society.

Notably, winning topics on politics often focus on current events. Others are on issues that have affected the community for a while and have not yet been tackled effectively. The selection of political topics might be more natural for you if you are a political fanatic.

However, if you avoid politics altogether, opt for our offers on the best persuasive essay topics, and our able writers at Solidessays will write you a quality political paper. On that note, let us have a look at persuasive political topics you can choose from.

  1. Should same-sex marriages be legalized
  2. Should church and state remain separate?
  3. Do you think that Trump’s presidency has been effective?
  4. Should under 18s be allowed to vote?
  5. What should be done to solve the student loan debt crisis?

True Wisdom Comes from knowing that You, Know Nothing 


Essay topics on Crime and Legal Affairs

Another area where most persuasive essays focus on is crime and legal areas. This is because crime is often inevitable in any society and is driven by multiple factors. As such, focus in this area should be on why crime happens and potential solutions. Notably, as with topics on politics, the selected topics should also be current and reflective of issues currently arising in society.

Thus, topics can focus on gun issues, privacy laws, domestic violence, marijuana, and self-driving cars. As such, the selection of topics in this field can often be easy since most are issues affecting you directly or people you know. However, if you feel that you cannot come up with a convincing topic or you are unable to come up with efficacious arguments, there is no need to worry.

You only have to check out our best persuasive essay topics, and our professional writers at Solidessays will come to your aid. Let us explore some of the topics that can be used to write legal/crime forceful essays.

  1. Should gun laws be stricter?
  2. Do you feel the government should respect your right to privacy?
  3. Should the death penalty be legalized?
  4. Should minor offenders be rehabilitated or jailed full-time?
  5. What is your opinion on the recreational use of marijuana?
  6. Are self-driven cars safe for use on public roads?

best persuasive essay topicsSolidEssays provides an ultimate list of the best persuasive essay topics for students

Essay Topics on Health

On the other hand, health is also an essential issue in our society since the development of any country is dependent on the healthy and functioning citizenry. As such, people have to worry about their health. Moreover, the field is vast with many things to research on, meaning that you can never go wrong by selecting a topic in the area.

To guide you, you can begin by analyzing your opinion of the health industry and things like drug addiction and end-of-life care. As such, you can research these issues and get a glimpse of health issues faced by society.

However, if you feel that this is a difficult task, Solidessays is here for you, and our professional writers are waiting on you to check our best persuasive essay topics. Besides, you can try one of our persuasive topics on health.

  1. Should fast-food restaurants display the nutritional content of food items in their menu?
  2. What is your opinion on universal healthcare?
  3. What should be done to combat the opioid crisis?
  4. Should fast food be taxed?
  5. Is obesity an issue in our country, or it is just drawn out of proportion?
  6. Should the Affordable Care Act be repealed?


Aside from the topics discussed here, there are other areas such as women and gender, where one can derive multiple topics and discuss them in detail. As such, if your lecture gives you a topic with guidelines or you are given free rein, opt for our services by clicking on the order button and check the pricing for some of the best persuasive essay topics. Quality is assured, for Plagiarism free papers.