How do you get additional help from the Support Team?

There is a chat option on the bottom left side of every page within the website which allows for users to send a message to the Support Team at anytime for help with any problems experienced within the website.

What are the features of the website?

Solidessays is an ambitious project which combines the functionalities of the majority of essay writing websites. We offer our clients the opportunity to check into past papers from our archives, read our detailed blogs on about every aspect of assignment help, and if these options don’t cut it we present our ultimate solution in form of custom help. Custom help takes several forms but mostly appears in the form of essay writing services for a range of topics across all disciplines known to man.

What if the Support Team is not Online to answer my question?

Our clients are welcome to send us a message through the contact form found here for us to prepare a proper response as soon as the Support Team is available online. We will always strive to deliver communication in the most timely manner for each customer.

Where is SolidEssays based ?

Solidessays is a purely online company which does not need physical premises for operation. All activities are run through the website’s interface fully negating the need for face-to-face meetups, further supporting our privacy policy

How do I make an order?

First, you would have to proceed to the order page and make use of the order form to share the details of your order. When all set, add the order to cart. You can add as many orders as possible at this point. When all done, proceed to checkout. Checkout involves all orders that a customer wishes to get help for as well as other added features such as past papers. You should always make an attempt to let the Support team aware that you just placed an order, in the even that your order is urgent.

Can I select my own writer for my project?

At the moment, this option is not available for a customer. Only the Admin can check the available writers and assign each orders based on their competencies. Each client can rest assured that our vast base of writers will deliver their utmost best for every paper. However, this feature update which will allow clients to get in touch with their writer at any time is to be rolled out soon.