How to Write Awesome Narrative Essays


Awesome narrative essays are not everyone’s cup of tea. So how do you make a great narrative essay? So how do you write an awesome narrative essay? Solidessays delves into the devil in the details and marks all the keen requirements to making a great paper on any topic related to narrative essays. Getting assigned to write a narrative essay presents a perfect opportunity for you to hone your storytelling skills as well as showing your knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. As such, most students find narrative essays more fun when compared to other kinds of essays. This is because one always writes from their point of view, which makes the writing process involving both for the writer and the reader. Consequently, this is enough reason for you to develop a good essay structure, make the story compelling as well as incorporate common writing guideline for your essay to stand out. However, we at Solidessays are at your service with our professional team of writers able to deliver high-quality work suitable for your needs. Nevertheless, always look for inspiration wherever possible but be sure to adhere to the instructor’s requirements and keep them in mind during the writing process.



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First, let us have a look at what gives a narrative essay its definition. This kind of essay is often categorized as expository writing since writers have the chance to write about themselves. Thus, narrative essays follow a defined point of view, which is usually the author’s meaning that it involves feelings as well as specific and sensory details. Moreover, the verbs used are always vivid and precise with the point of the essay often stated in the opening sentence, or it could be the opening paragraph’s last sentence.

Also considering that it is storytelling in another form, a writer must include storytelling conventions, that is,

  • Plot,
  • Setting,
  • Climax,
  • Character

Moreover, it is essential to use the first-person narrative though one can also utilize the third person depending on the lecturer’s requirements. Thus, this kind of essay involves carefully explained details, which help to support the story. Notably, a narrative essay does not require the high thinking which most other essays require.

how to write an awesome narrative essay
Love to learn, narrative essays are not everyone’s cup of tea.


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Crucial Details for Your Paper

When the topic of the essay is given, or you settle on your topic, there are three crucial things that you need to consider. The first is involving readers in the story, which means that you have to make the story interesting by recreating events rather than just speaking about it.

The next thing to consider is finding a generalization supported by the story. This because it is only through this mechanism that readers will find meaning for your personal experiences. However, the generalization does not need to cover the whole of humanity, but I could concern the writer, children or adults of varied ages and backgrounds.

The third thing to consider is that although the story forms the main component of the narrative essay, you must carefully select the details, which are crucial in supporting, enhancing and explaining the story. Nevertheless, if this feels like a tedious task, SolidEssays is at your service.  You can always make an order for a professional essay by selecting write my essay, and our Essay writer will be at your service. We also offer a wide range of services including cheap essay writers to cater for all working groups. The chat option on the bottom right should make it easy to talk to the admin about all that we can do at solidessays.

Selecting a Topic for Your Narrative Essay

That considered, these are the guidelines that you need to come up with an excellent narrative essay. You should first consider the topic and ensure that it unravels into something meaningful to the reader. This is because the narrative essay would be uninteresting if you were not involved in the writing or kept your experiences to yourself. After, the next thing to consider is the draft since the story would not be perfect without an element of planning. As such, you should ensure that you come up with a draft outline that considers all of the requirements and polish it to ensure that nothing is left out.

Next, ensure that your narrative essay includes elements of a story, that is the plot, characters, setting, description as well as other conventions. Characters involve both you and other people in the story and must behave like characters in stories and novels. Moreover, it is crucial also to consider the dialogue because it helps bring out the interaction between characters.

As such, a dialogue is an essential element since its absence makes the characters lose their liveliness, which is essentially their worth. All the elements combined aid in grabbing the reader’s attention, besides making them sit and ponder on the story. As such, ensure that all these elements are contained in the narrative essay and written in accordance with the requirements. But this does not need to be a bother with our team of professional writers at Solidessaysyou only need to let us do the heavy lifting. We process all ‘write my paper‘ and ‘write my paper for me‘ requests in the shortest possible deadlines.

Also, make sure to include and consider the point of view. This is because the essay’s readers ought to follow and understand the role you play in the story. As such, it is crucial that you describe all the details of an event and how you behaved in a particular situation. This way, the readers will identify with the story better.

Moreover, you also have to prove and support your opinion by giving arguments that help support the opinion. As such, it would be prudent to provide facts and reference showcasing your thoughts and the conclusions drawn.

Furthermore, make sure not to include unnecessary details in your narrative essay. The essay becomes meaningless when it is too wordy since it confuses the reader. As such, make sure to carefully select the needed details by ensuring that they play a significant role in the plot.

Vivid Writing is Pivotal In Narrative Essays

On the other hand, be clear in your writing using the appropriate language and simple words. This is because readers can easily give feedback when they understand what is being communicated in the story. Notably, you have to consider that what might be simple language to you can be hard for someone else. So, make sure to counter-check before submission.

Also, your description of events should be chronological. It is a universal rule for narrative essays to be written chronologically to avoid confusion and ensure that readers are interested in the story by following the author’s thoughts.

Next, you can conduct some external research by reading other narrative essay examples or watching presentations from where you can learn to arrange your thoughts properly. Importantly, do not forget to highlight the important moments so that readers can identify them, which makes it easier for them to understand their role in the story.

Concluding Narrative Essays

Lastly, revise your essay by checking on the grammar and plagiarism, making sure to omit or rewrite the meaningless sentences. As such, make sure to enlist the help of your peers for proofreading or the professional services offered by Solidessaysand we promise to deliver top-notch and quality work. Click the ORDER button to get help.