Money-Back Guarantee does not pay the Writer before the completion of the whole or part of the paper is completed. You are allowed to load some funds to your account and issue the payment to the Writer as the Order progresses.
All the funds loaded to the account or reserved for a given order and have not yet been released to the Writer are 100% refundable. The refunding aspect is withheld until the Writer progresses to the last stage of the given Order. The payments used for a specific order are subject to refund to the account in the event of cancellation. Payments for the additional services on the featured orders are exempted from the arrangement. You are allowed to claim back the amount that has not been released to the Writer.
The process of claiming back the money from the current balance, the process needs to be initiated through making a formal request on the personal page. The process can only be successful if the current balance is positive. Once the final payment has been released to the Writer and the Order labeled as complete, the refund process is not possible.