Privacy Policy

  • SolidEssays pays critical attention to preserving the personal information provided to us. Such information is only used in ensuring that the operations relating to services offered by
  • com stores personal information for as long as such information is needed, thus keeping with the existing laws.
  • The Company implements policies that are aimed at exerting control of information that can be kept private or shared publicly. Such information is indexed in the search engines and deleted permanently.
  • com focuses on enhancing full transparency on the process of gathering, using, and sharing personal information.

The Information collected about the Writer includes:

  • Technical information
  • IP address
  • Information about the type of device used in accessing the Website
  • Interactions with the Website

The table below indicates types of personal information and the reason behind their collection.




# Personal information types Purposes we collect your information for
1 The Country of Origin
  • User verification
  • Preventing user account frauds such as resale
  • Registering the taxing regimes
2 Email Address
  • Offers the main communication route
  • Providing an avenue for promotional and marketing materials
3 User’s name and surname
  • Verifying the user
  • Provide credible information for taxation and billing
  • Preventing fraud activities like resale of accounts.
4 Address information
  • Enhancing the billing process for the users


Methods of Collecting Information

  • Filling forms and sending email inquiries
  • Posting completed works on the websites
  • Posting feedback and reviews on the Website
  • Contacting through the designated phone number

Age Limitation

According to the prohibition set by the applicable law, does not incorporate any users younger than 18 years old.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Changes in the Privacy Policy are carried out from time to time. The evolving laws and regulations play a critical role in informing the necessary adjustments. The users are often advised on the required changes. Additional notice is made regarding any material alteration on the policies. The users are encouraged to deactivate the accounts in the event of disagreeing with the Privacy Policies.