Admissions Statement: Corporate Finance in Exeter University


An Admissions statement.


Personally, I have always believed in making exceptional things happen. I continuously challenge myself while trying to overcome the conventional boundaries that exist between me and success. Similarly, I like to incorporate talent and creativity when coming up with solutions to everyday problems. I have a defined set of values that describe who I am and how I operate. I have come to realize that I share so much in common with Exeter University. Apart from sharing in a common mission and vision, I am attracted to Exeter University for other reasons. I would like to work with the diverse categories of people that are wholeheartedly accommodated by Exeter University, as well as those who share my beliefs and values. I studied accounts for my Bachelor’s degree and successfully graduated. I am currently working as a small and medium enterprises credit analyst for a local bank in my home country of Egypt. My line of work involves approaching clients, collecting their financial statements, and then doing an economic and industry analysis. I find great passion in my job, but I have been experiencing challenges when doing the analytical bit. I believe if I can be able to advance my academic knowledge through the Master of Science in financial analysis and fund management, I will be able to perform proper and accurate reporting from the training I will receive. Besides, finance has always been my passion ever since I completed high school.

Moreover, I share the University’s belief of respecting diversity in and around its faculties. I understand that from my personal experience, to achieve honesty, trust, and success that is deeply embedded in the tradition of Exeter University, it requires new people to create an environment that incorporates all of these values. I believe that my background as an Egyptian professional will provide an exceptional and innovative experience in the faculty’s search for knowledge while assisting it to develop a foundation for future success. This is the level of success that I envision. Additionally, this emphasis on diversity is also reflected in the specialized departments within the University.

Apart from expanding the conventional boundaries beyond reasonable limits, Exeter University is carving its niche as being an institution that can cater to the individual needs of every student. Besides, this does not isolate students by requiring them to work alongside only those who share in their school of thought. Instead, it encourages constant sharing of ideas that mimics the situation in the real world. Since my dream is to work as a financial analyst, I did some soul searching and decided that the United Kingdom is the best place to acquire knowledge in this field. Furthermore, United Kingdom has people from all walks of life, and I see this as an opportunity to interact and appreciate different cultures found in the country. I have reviewed the prerequisites for the Master of Science in Financial Analysis and Fund Management and have found that I have successfully met all the conditions stipulated there. My strong likeness for accounting and mathematics as well as the solid accounting foundation I received during my undergraduate will go a long way in helping me during my studies. I believe that my admission to the faculty of business will enable me to pursue my life-long dreams. I consider Exeter University as the best choice for me to continue to nurture my love for accounting. Similarly, I feel that my time at Exeter University will turn my potential into a reality.