Personal Statement for Post University


What do i think will make me a successful student at post university?


Being successful during university is the dream of every student, and I cannot be left behind. As such, some skills or abilities need to be present in a student to ensure the future success in their endeavors. With this reasoning, I believe I possess some of those critical skills required to succeed at Post University.

First, I can think analytically. Being able to analyze a problem from different angles with required evidence is beneficial compared to jumping to conclusions. Thus when confronted with I will be capable of handling them. Complex problems usually arise during learning, and with this ability, I would be able to gather information, articulate, visualize and solve them. With this capability, I would also be able to manage conflicts with fellow students whenever they arise and ensure a smooth learning environment.

Secondly, expression of ideas both through writing and oral communication is vital to success at Post University. Luckily, I possess both skills. Being mean of words creates problems in communicating with others, sharing experiences and describing feelings. Thus, expressing ideas through writing helps to communicate complex issues efficiently. This would go a long way in ensuring effective communication with other students and improve my chances of success. Being able to express ideas through writing would also help me to build on other ideas and develop grander plans on a larger scale. With my skills in oral communication, I would be able to solve problems faster than writing would as it enhances face-to-face communication. Also, verbal communication is the best way to learn and resolve conflicts and disagreements with fellow students, and I would be better placed to succeed. Through communicating with others orally, I would also promote effective teamwork and get the best out of my psychology course.

Third, to succeed at Post University one has to be innovative of which I am. I can come up with unconventional solutions to problems that otherwise seem confusing to others. As such, I would be open to trying different things in the course of my study without the fear of failure hence improving chances of success at the university. With this mentality, I see failure as stops to success, and with the support of others, I would be able to excel.

Fourth, I am passionate about studying psychology at Post University, as I believe it offers the best psychology course in the country. This passion will drive me to achieve the best at the university and excel at the end of my studies. With the help of my lecturers, I hope to get the best out of my course and in line with the university’s mission graduate as a confident, competent and competitive student.

Lastly, for me to succeed at the university, I would be willing to accept and act on criticism. I pride myself on being able to take criticism and improve on my weaknesses positively. This character trait will go a long way in ensuring my success at Post. Taking one’s mistakes and learning from criticism promotes individual growth and trust from lecturers propelling one to greater heights.