Terms of Use

1.1. “Account” is an electronic account of the Writer at the Website.
1.2. “Agreement” is an agreement between the Company and the Writer that includes all provisions of these Terms of Use.
1.3. “Available Orders” is lists of requests placed by the Clients and have not been allocated to any Writer.
1.4. “Client” is a person who makes a request.
1.5. “Content” is information that is provided in the Product.
1.6. “Deadline” is the time by which the Order should be submitted.
1.7. “Delivery” is an act of completing the Order to the Client.
1.8. “Dispute” is a disagreement that is initiated by the Client concerning the Order completed.
1.9. “Draft” is a temporary delivery aimed at indicating the direction of the progress.
1.10. “Editing” is the process of removing mistakes to enhance the Order.
1.11. “Order” is a request from the Client to complete a Product.
1.12. “Payment Date” is the date when the Writer’s Balance is written off, and money is transferred to the Writer via chosen Payment Method.
1.13. “Payment Method” is a type of money transfer service the Company uses to transfer the money to the Writer.
1.14. “Plagiarism” is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own (directly or by paraphrasing) without giving acknowledgment.
1.15. “Product” is the document the Writer submits as a result of completing the Order.
1.16. “Refund” is an act of returning the money to the Client due to the failure to meet the Client’s requirements.
1.17. “Reassignment” is a case of the Writer’s refusal to work on the Order or the Company’s decision to reassign the Order due to its non-compliance with requirements.
1.18. “Revision” is the process of re-writing or making changes in the Product in case the Client’s requirements are not met.
1.19. “Website” is solidessays.com.
1.20. “Writer” is a person working for the Company who completes Orders placed by the Clients on a freelance basis.