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The Trump presidency has stirred controversy from the onset with Democrats unsuccessfully looking for impeachment opportunities. However, calls for impeachment have gained momentum in recent weeks after revelations that Trump solicited help from Ukraine’s president to aid him to get political dirt on former vice president Joe Biden. This has left many to ponder the consequences of impeaching the president. Well, if you cannot think of the advantages and disadvantages of impeaching the current president, look no further. We at solidessays are here to assist you but only if you make that request, that is, write my essay. On that note, let us have a look at the pros and cons associated with impeaching Trump.
Pros of Impeachment
The first benefit associated with impeaching the president is that it will help uphold the standards of behavior associated with a president. Ever since his election, Trump’s behavior has not been model with scandals the order of the day. As such, impeaching the president would mean sparing the country shame and ridicule, which is what Americans have been reduced to with the current presidency. Thus, impeachment would help push the message that the American presidency cannot be associated with criminal behavior. Additionally, though ironical, a trump impeachment would potentially result in the country’s unity, especially seeing that the previous election divided the country along racial lines with Trump accused of being a racist.

Solidessays considers the president’s impeachment probe

Thus, his removal from office would mean that the country gets to have a president that is supported by all the citizens. If finding all the benefits of a Trump impeachment is a hard task, you only need ask assistance from solidessays by requesting write my essay and our professional online writers will be at hand to handle your requests.
Cons of Impeachment
On the other hand, there is a downside to impeaching Trump despite the benefits discussed above. First, impeaching the president might yield the opposite effects, that is, instead of weakening Trump, the impeachment might instead strengthen him. This is because his supporters will likely take it as a political “witch-hunt” and rally their support behind Trump in the upcoming 2020 election. Moreover, history does not seem to favor the supposed winners in an impeachment trial. One need only look at the recent impeachment Clinton, a democrat president. The voters retaliated against the Republican party in the preceding election, giving the republicans a resounding victory. If this idea seems far-fetched, we only have to go back in time and look at Nixon’s impeachment, where is party retained power in the next three elections. As such, the consequences might be dire for the Democrats in the upcoming elections.
Parting Short
Notably, if you feel that research is not your forte especially in the political field, you only need to enlist the help of solidessays by making the request write my essay, and our professional writers will see to your essay needs. Furthermore, a Trump impeachment if successful, would mean that Mike Pence assumes office, making him eligible to serve for two additional terms. Yet, Trump remains with only a term in office if he wins the next election. Therefore, this would be disadvantageous to the Democrats and their supporters. Also, there is no guarantee that Pence would make a good president since he is likely to continue with the same policies initiated by Trump. That said, you do not have to struggle to produce an “A” quality paper, enlist the services of solidessays by making the request write my essay and let our professional writers handle your essay.

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